Raveena Tandon condemns 'hooliganism' after Bandra attack!

Raveena Tandon condemns 'hooliganism' after Bandra attack!
On Saturday of this week, Raveena Tandon was attacked in Bandra. When the incident that happened directly outside her bungalow was captured on camera and went viral, she found herself embroiled in controversy. In the video, the actress begged people not to hit her driver while attempting to save him. Three people were accused of being assaulted by the actress.

But the actress and her driver received a clean sheet from Mumbai Police on Thursday. The actress responded to the event on her Instagram handle after that. Now, one day later, the actress sent a lengthy letter denouncing "violence against women" once more.
A while back, on June 7, Raveena Tandon wrote a lengthy post on her Instagram stories discussing the regrettable Bandra attack incident. She composed, “In a world where public scrutiny is relentless, it is essential to remember that women achievers are human too. Disparaging them solely for their fame is unfair and harmful.”
She further continued writing, “This increasing violence against women and children world over needs to be addressed urgently. It’s time we stand united against violence and hooliganism.”
In response to the tragedy, Raveena published another tale on Thursday night. She thanked her admirers and supporters for their unwavering support. She said, “Thank you for the overwhelming love, belief and support! Moral of the story? Get dashcams and cctvs now!"


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