Comedian Raju Srivastav's sad demise at 58!

Comedian Raju Srivastav's sad demise at 58!
Legendary comedian Raju Srivastav was one of the biggest names in the TV and film industry. The True Gem of Comedy passed away on Wednesday. His death was confirmed by his family members. He suffered a heart attack on August 10 while working out at a hotel. He was rushed to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and underwent angioplasty. Since then, he was on a ventilator and never gained consciousness. Politicians to celebrities have expressed their condolence on his death. Fans are also mourning his death and called him ‘Legend’. The late comedian had huge fans following due his comedy and sense of humor. He participated in the shows like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Comedy Cirkus, and The Kapil Sharma Show among others.
Well-known comedian Rajpal Yadav mourned the loss of the popular comedian and wrote, “I have no words to describe this loss. You have left us all too soon. You will be missed my brother. I just can’t believe this.” Actress Nimrat Kaur also took to her Twitter handle and expressed condolence, “Deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Late Raju Srivastava ji. May God bless his journey into the light.” Veteran actress Jaya Prada also posted, “मशहूरकमेडियनRaju Srivastav जीहमारेबीचनहीरहे।सबकोंहमेशाहँसानेवालाइंसानआजखुदखामोशहोगयाऔरसबकोदुःखीकरगया।उन्हेंविनम्रश्रद्धांजलि  #RIP  #comedian #rajusrivastava”
Comedian Vipul Goyal posted, “RIP LEGEND #rajusrivastava. Will always cherish this evening. Thanks for the entertainment and inspiring a generation of comedians”.
Political leaders Defence Minister Rajnath Singh extends condolences on the demise of comedian Raju Srivastava. He wrote, “सुप्रसिद्धहास्यकलाकार, राजूश्रीवास्तवजीकेनिधनसेमुझेगहरादुःखहुआहै।वेएकमंझेहुएकलाकारहोनेकेसाथ-साथएकबेहदज़िंदादिलइंसानभीथे।सामाजिकक्षेत्रमेंभीवेकाफ़ीसक्रियरहतेथे।उनकेशोकाकुलपरिवारएवंप्रशंसकोंकेप्रतिमैंअपनीसंवेदनाव्यक्तकरताहूँ।ॐशान्ति!”
Akhilesh Yadav wrote, “It’s regretful that Raju Srivastava is no more with us. He came from a poor family with his talent & hard work; created his presence in the world. Very few talented comedians like him. I remember how he wanted to contest from Kanpur when he joined SP.”
Home Minister Amit Shahji wrote, “सुप्रसिद्धहास्यकलाकारराजूश्रीवास्तवजीकाएकविशिष्टअंदाजथा, उन्होंनेअपनीअद्भुतप्रतिभासेसभीकोप्रभावितकिया।उनकानिधनकलाजगतकेलिएएकबड़ीक्षतिहै।मैंउनकेपरिजनोंवप्रशंसकोंकेप्रतिसंवेदनाव्यक्तकरताहूँ।ईश्वरउन्हेंयहदुःखसहनेकीशक्तिदें।ॐशांतिशांति”
About his acting career, he had acted in films like Aamdani Athanni Kharcha Rupaiyaa, Main Prem ki Diwani Hoon and Bombay to Goa.
B4U’s deepest condolences to the late comedian’s family. RIP the true gem of comedy.


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