Anurag Kashyap to teach filmmaking in Kerala!

Anurag Kashyap to teach filmmaking in Kerala!
Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap produces well-known films like Black Friday, Dev.D, That Girl in Yellow Boots, The Lunchbox, Masaan, and Udta Punjab etc. Given his stellar filmography, it wouldn't be incorrect to conclude that he is skilled in his field. But in addition to helming and penning series and movies, he is passionate about teaching others about the craft of filmmaking. He recently disclosed that he will be starting to teach.
Anurag Kashyap discussed his future ambitions in a Flip The Script With Shubra podcast with host Shubra Aiyappa. The podcast host inquired about the filmmaker's personal aspirations and goals during the interview. Speaking about it, he mentioned that he had a long list of things he wanted to accomplish. Two of them read a lot and instruct young people who want to be filmmakers.
“Which is now going to materialize because I’m going to teach at Kottayam, Kerala. I like to mentor young filmmakers,” he revealed. The director of Gangs of Wasseypur also related a personal story about his kid and his driver, and how he helped the latter succeed in his work and develop a love for graphic novels.
The actor revealed, “My driver came to me and said, ‘Mere bete ka kuch karo (Help my son)’. My driver’s son is highly educated. He went to BITS. I called him over, asked, ‘Kya karna hai (What do you want to do)’? His interest was creative, so I started giving him graphic novels. I told my driver to leave his son to me. Now his son is so into graphic novels and he’s reading the kind of novels that you won’t find in India. Suddenly, he’s so into it, and he’s going in a different direction. I love doing that. I have access to these things that I want to share with people and say, ‘Chal aaja, tereko corrupt karta hoon(Come, let’s corrupt you)’,” Kashyap ended his chat.


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